Guidelines for Enlistment with NFDC
(New Applicants and Renewal)



Effective July 10, 2021 -

    1. 1.   Enlistment (Both fresh/renewal cases) will be valid for a period of three (03) years from date of acceptance

      2.   An application fee will be charged for enlistment with NFDC as below:
      1. a.   Fee for Fresh Enlistment (Per category): INR 5,000 plus taxes as applicable*
        b.   Fee for Re-Enlistment (Per category): INR 2,500 plus taxes as applicable*

         *Application Fee shall NOT be refunded or transferred if the applicant does not qualify for enlistment.

      3.    Enlistment will be opened twice a year on dates as fixed by NFDC and the dates will be intimated on it’s website

      4.    Enlistment is open for any Indian citizen above the age of 18 or any Indian Company/ Proprietorship/ Partnership/LLP/Trust/ Govt. Dept./Society.


      5.   “Creative Director” category stands deleted from the list of categories available for enlistment with NFDC. Individuals, enlisted as “Creative Directors” previously with NFDC, shall be required to empanel themselves as “Production Houses” category under the new provisions.

      6.   Categories under which enlistment is available with NFDC:
      1. a.   Film Production Houses
        b.   Advertising Agencies
        c.   Event Management Agencies
        d.   Digital Media Agencies
        e.   Print/Design Agencies
        f.   Impact Measurement/PR agencies
        g.   Theatre Groups


      7.   All documents uploaded should be signed, stamped and CERTIFIED by the relevant authority of the company and CA (as indicated on the application form at various stages).

      8.   All work orders/financials/awards or appreciation letters should have been issued on dates within the prescribed time period as mentioned in the application form at various stages.

      9.   Work Orders(WO) uploaded as a part of the application form, should be related to the category applied only. (for e.g. if you are applying for the category “Production house”, work orders related to another category like print or event or another activity will not be considered. In case if it is a combined work order which includes multiple deliverables, the deliverable relating to the category applied for should be clearly mentioned on the work order. In absence of the same, a communication from the WO issuing authority specifying that the said deliverable formed a part for the work order must be furnished)

      10.   Work Order / Purchase Order / Commercial documents from the agency’s client (on client’s letterhead) shall specify the date of work awarded, amount & scope of work duly signed by the authorised signatory). Work Order / Purchase Order / Commercial documents in electronic / digital format are also acceptable.

      11.   All project links shall be related to the corresponding work order. The link shall be either youtube or vimeo link (google drive, drop box or any other cloud storage based links shall not be accepted) and shall always be available to view (applicant may not remove the video from the link after submission of the application) on the NFDC OEA portal. This link will be used for examining works of enlisted agencies during the period of enlistment. In case an enlisted agency removes the video after submission of application the enlistment may stand to be cancelled.

      12.   In case appropriate documents are not uploaded at the time of application or in case of incomplete documentation, the application may stand to be rejected.


      13.    New Registration will be called for presentation after :
      1. a.    Their documents are checked and found to be valid.
        b.    There shall be no rescheduling of presentation dates. In case of any unforeseen circumstances the agency is not able to attend the presentation, they may give an advance notice of at least two days before the scheduled presentation date and an alternative date may be decided by NFDC.
        c.    Presentation shall be made by an authorised official of the company who is able to answer all queries related to their application (financials as well as creative).
        d.    All original documents are to be shown at the time of the presentation (in case if the presentation is taken online, another date will be communicated to the agency for physical verification of the documents)
        e.    Copies should be labeled & tagged properly as per the list given in the email sent to the agencies on successful application.
        f.    Presentations for enlistment under multiple categories by a single company shall have to showcase creatives/work order/appreciation/awards accordingly for each of the different categories applied.
        g.    The presentation invite does not guarantee enlistment with NFDC.


      14.   On the expiry of the period of enlistment, the enlisted creative agencies will get an email notification on their registered email id, 30 days before the due date, to reapply with updated details.

      Another reminder 15 days before the due date will be sent on the agency’s registered email id. The notification of re-application will not apply to agencies found to have falsified the information submitted. The applicant creative agencies, at all levels of re-application, will make the declaration with regard to submission of correct facts. If the re-application is not submitted within a period of 60 days from the date of expiry, an email reminder will be sent allowing another 30 days as grace period. Re-applications not made at the expiry of the grace period will attract automatic removal from the enlistment directory of NFDC.

      No presentation shall be required for renewal of enlistment of agencies.


      15.    For enlistment besides the regular enlistment rounds, NFDC shall enable extraordinary enlistment of a maximum of 10 such agencies in a financial year who may be renowned in either of the fields as below:
      1. i)    Audio Visual /Film Production (Production Houses)
        ii)    Event Management
        iii)    Digital Media & Marketing
        iv)    Advertising Agency
        v)    Graphic Design
        vi)    Impact Measurement and/or PR activities
        vii)    Theatre

        (the number of extraordinary enlistments is capped at a total of ten (10) across all the categories above). The above extraordinary enlistment maybe allowed only for those agencies who may have won at least one of the following national /international awards (i) Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival, France (Golden Lion, Silver Lion, Bronze Lion); (ii) American Advertising Federation, USA (Golden Addy, Silver Addy, Bronze Addy), (iii) Mobius Advertising Awards, California, USA (Best Commercial, Best Recreation, Public Service), (iv) Clio Awards, MIAMI, USA (Best Ad Agency, Best Director, Best Art Director, Best Producer), (v) Top Awards by Advertising Agencies Association of India (AAAI) in product categories, (vi) ‘ABBY’ Award, India. (vii) Such other awards as may be notified by the Ministry of I&B. The above is subject to the agency fulfilling the other set criteria of enlistment procedures as laid out in the application form and as approved by competent authority.

      15(a).    For special cases write to us

      16.   NFDC may conduct background checks on any agency at any time to verify claims and documents submitted as part of the application for enlistment.


      17.   An agency may apply upto a maximum of three times in case they do not qualify in the first attempt. However, if the agency is disqualified three times consecutively, it will not be allowed to apply for a period of 3 years after which they can apply again.

      18.   An agency shall be suspended / blacklisted for enlistment or working with NFDC for a period of 3 years if any documents submitted/uploaded are found to be false.


      19.    NFDC will be under no obligation to guarantee any assignments at any point of time during the period of enlistment.

      20.    NFDC reserves the right to cancel the application of any agency without assigning any reasons.


      21.   Registering agency shall comply with all applicable laws, statutes, ordinances,rules, regulations and requirements of all government agencies and regulatory bodies.